With over 40 years of satisfied customers, Enplas (U.S.A.), Inc. is the leader in providing your plastic gear solutions.

Providing gear design and manufacturing support for customers in the following industries:

Automotive, Printers and Copiers, Irrigation, Consumer Electronics, Medical, and More.

Enplas is a global company focused on being the world leader in the design and manufacture of high-precision, engineered plastic products. Since we began, nearly 60 years ago with the world’s first poly-acetal precision gear, we have continuously improved our technical capabilities in partnership with our customers.

Enplas strives to offer our customers the highest levels of technology to minimize your investments throughout the life of your project.

Our expertise lies in our design ability, our accumulate knowledge of plastic materials and applications, manufacturing efficiency, our extensive tool making capability, and our dedicated people.

Our customers have come to reply upon Enplas to be “first” in quality, leading technology and customer service, We are committed to being the “only” choice when it comes to precision engineered plastic components.

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Enplas (U.S.A), Inc. & the Enplas group‘s deep roots in plastics technologies, multi-industry expertise, near-limitless network, incomparable customer dedication, and professional stability spell reliability for our clients.